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Developer Guide

How to add a new service

If you want to add a new service to OSISM, this is done via an Ansible role and (most often) a container image. The following steps are necessary and are demonstrated using the example of

Add the Ansible role in one of the Ansible collection repositories
Add the Ansible playbook
Add the Ansible inventory group
Add the used container image(s) to the release repository
Add the container images(s) to osism-ansible container image
Add the container image registry/registries and host(s) to the defaults repository
Add a sample deployment to the testbed

How to add a new container image

If required, add a new container image in the osism/container-images repository. The example here is from the role:

Whenever possible, upstream container images should be used. If only minor customizations are necessary, always work with overlay container images based on upstream container images.

How service deployment works


Service deployment with Docker


Service deployment with Kubernetes