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Getting started

OSISM is a solution for the holistic management of sustainable, sovereign software-defined cloud infrastructures. It provides a solid and stable base for the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of on-premise cloud infrastructures, for public cloud data centres and, at the edge, for distributed systems. It is also suitable for building supercomputers and HPC environments. OSISM enables fast, easy and consistent management and provisioning of compute, storage and network resources to run cloud-native applications.

The documentation is organised into guides:

  • The Concept Guide explains which components and modules make up OSISM. It also explains the use cases.
  • The Deploy Guide explains how the nodes of a cluster are created and bootstrapped. It also explains how the individual modules can be deployed.
  • The Upgrade Guide explains how the individual modules can be upgraded.
  • The Configuration Guide explains how the individual modules can be configured.
  • The Operations Guide explains how individual tasks can be done in day-to-day business in a running cluster.
  • The Troubleshooting Guide explains how to resolve problems. It is an extension of the Operations Guide.
  • The User Guide is intended for users of the individual components. It contains best practices, as well as other information.