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  1. Open vSwitch (OVS)

    osism apply -a pull openvswitch
    osism apply -a upgrade openvswitch
  2. Open Virtual Network (OVN)

    In environments/kolla/configuration.yml the parameter neutron_plugin_agent is set to ovn if OVN is used as a network plugin. The parameter is set to ovn by default in the Cookiecutter.

    # neutron
    neutron_plugin_agent: "ovn"

    Otherwise the network plugin is set to openvswitch. If the neutron_plugin_agent is set to openvswitch, this step does not need to be done.

    Before the upgrade of OVN, the upgrade of Open vSwitch must already have been done.

    osism apply -a pull ovn
    osism apply -a upgrade ovn